Added May 31, 2017
How Save Money on Travel and Hotels in Thailand

How Save Money on Travel and Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest places in world to travel but you need to be careful as it is with in Thai culture to overcharge and some might even scam you. Thailand offers some excellent weather all year round but it can get very hot May to September so best go during the high season.

The most important thing before you travel is to book accommodation. In general, hotels are very inexpensive in Thailand but some bargains can also be found so you could get and even larger discount.

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Book during the off-season

Some hotels will reduce their rates to 25% of the high season prices. Also because they are usually vacant, if you stay long term you can negotiate at cheaper rate. The first thing you need to do is find the hotel’s contact details by looking on or on tripadvisor. Then call them up or send them an email. Some residences also only allow you to stay if you are going to book for one month or more.


Airbnb list a lot of independent hotels and also lists private landlord accommodation. Theses can often be good value. They also offer credit vouchers if you are referred by a friend or if you book a business trip. You can also receive a discount on AirBnb if you refer someone and they make a booking.



Use a discount code

Some sites offers more high end hotels as well as mid range accommodation. If you book during their 50% off sale and use a discount code you can double dip the price reduction. Here are a list of voucher you can use. eg. If you book the ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai hotel in Bangkok the usual price is £50 a night which is very reasonable considering you get free breakfast. If you use the discount code AKUK10 to get 10% off you will only pay £45 a night. This might no seem like a lot of money at first but if you travel for a couple of weeks it will really add up. Keep in mid that if you book 10 nights with some hotel platforms you will get one night free. So this works out to another 10% off.

Find long term residence

There are many residences in Thailand that offer rent to tourists and foreigners for anything from one month to 1 year at very reasonable cost, some al low as £100 a month for more budget accommodation. The longer you stay the cheaper it gets. Sorry, no discount codes can be used here because you cannot book online. I strongly recommend you visit the place yourself so you can get a good look at it before you pay any money.


Additional tip when you for arrive

The first thing you will encounter when you land in Bangkok is the taxi driver. As with all countries they guy will try to take more money from you than they should. Always ask them to use the meter. If they refuse, use another. Make sure you ask them before you enter the taxi and sit down.

Another useful tip to save money is to eat were the locals eat or you will be charged tourist prices. A good place to find these local eateries is in a mall. They generally have many options to choose from. The food is usually prepared in front of you and the cooking environment is cleaner than some joint on the street. Happy travels and enjoy this beautiful country.