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Round the World Tickets – What’s it all About?

Round the World Tickets – What’s it all About?

Round The World Tickets – also called RTW – are practical and convenient. They take you around the world without the hassle of flights comparison. You book in advance all tickets and routes that you want to fly in one package that saves you a lot of money and nerves. You can pre-plan stops or overland routes to discover the country. However, you should also pay attention to the fine print, because many Around The World Tickets hide rules and conditions in their contract and you may not be eligible for your dream trip in question.


How does the Around The World Ticket work

Within a year, you can discover, flying in a direction from east to west or in the reverse direction from west to east around the world. Here you can change routes, depending on Airline, different stops in the respective countries. The RTW tickets are possible through the connections of the various airline alliances. So you can buy from an airline and choose across the entire network of partner airline tickets. The largest airline partners are as follows:

As you can include the Star Alliance and Oneworld alliance among the largest and best options of the RTW tickets for frequent flyers, they fly to most destinations in the world. Skyteam is made up of small airlines that long-distance travel often do not have on offer. Because of these limited flights to Skyteam ever is not suitable as a fitting RTW for your dream vacation. Even the cheap airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet fall out of the Round The World Tickets.

How do I book my RTW ticket with Star Alliance

With each pass of the Star Alliance from 29,000 miles you have 15 stopovers and you can get you the tickets in Economy, Business or First Class. Would you like to insert an additional stopover, you also have to put on the table more money. Also you have your flight in the same country end in which you started, but you have to always fly in one direction when you cross an ocean. Want to expose a flight and maybe hitchhike from Warsaw to Paris, then you the flight is still down for the count, even though you have not taken him. A planning before departure so does trouble.

 How do I book my RTW ticket with Oneworld

Oneworld offers two tickets and one that is based on the airline miles and one that focuses on the actual travel sections:

The price of the pass depends on the number of continents visited and the actual distance travelled. So there is no maximum air miles but only visited continents and up to 16 flights on an Around The World Ticket. Also you ‘ll be able to travel by land between different stops and the next stop can simply re- take the next flight. And the best part is that no matter whether you’re taking a twelve- hour flight to Los Angeles or a short flight to London, all flights are considered equal and not counted in miles.

Where can I book the Around The World Tickets?

You can book directly with the airlines or through travel agencies such as STA Travel, Airtrecks or TEAR OUT tickets!. Through these deals you can find cheaper tickets again, as they often examine and list all airlines and their tickets. Here you will find a list of the coolest Around the World Tickets :

Worthwhile Around The World Tickets?

That depends on what you want to do and how you’re on it. Backpackers who want to stick to a specific schedule, know their routes and travel times and want to leave anything to chance, are just right with a RTW. Who from London to New York, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney and then fly back to Berlin wants, which is the Round The World ticket can certainly save more money than with the separate compilation of its flights. Backpacker, but are not sure where the wind will drive them and like to change their flight data are, however, not cancelled as good with a RTW ticket. In general, at any backpacker, who as a year will be on the road longer, as most RTW tickets only valid for a year.

 Benefits of Around The World Tickets

You save time in planning. The airlines take over the assortment of destinations and you only have to take care of you to the fun factor.

You save money on the classic routes.

You can watch compose your own stops.

Any problems that arise will be governed by the contact person of the Alliance and you have to not call all airlines.

You can with the individual airlines, many air miles properly collect and then you can afford an upgrade and probably get a free flight for free.

If you is entering countries that want to see a return ticket, you can always show a ticket which you get back in your home country.

For fixed- planned trips and many stops the ideal and often more favourable companion.

 Around The World Tickets disadvantages

The ticket is only valid for one year from the date of departure.

You have your travel in the country end in which you are also started.

For most rates you can only fly in a direction and have it cross the Atlantic and Pacific. Backtracking is therefore not possible – do you want to fly from London to New York and then back to London, you cannot. However, there are certain exceptions, but get informed on the network or a travel agency.